When you are in love

Do you think that there is a bigger complication in life than the human mind and spirit when the person is in love? I dont’t think so. We all heard about how we can loose our power while being in love. We cannot speak correctly, we don’t have appetite, we don’t sleep, bla bla bla. It is true, absolutely true, but why can’t we see the bright side of our situation when experience in love? except from the fact that we are happy and joyful what other positive impact it has on us.

I assure you that you can also get your power back  when you are in love. I think of it like the characters of the Manga cartoon Drangon Ball, they totally transform into a super duper human hero (I can’t find a better definitiont). Really, love can seriously mess with your mind. I read in an article puplished in a scientist website (Futura Santé) that being in love is similar to being drunk. I have never been drunk because I don’t drink, but I can confirm you from my personal experience, when I am deeply in love, I say and do things that I had never, ever thought I could do them before. When I am in love, I am a superwoman. I have the motivation to do whatever I want. I have resistance, I can sleep only for two hours and work the next twenty two hours. I speak up for myself easily, saying “NO” to my boss and other people. I am simply brave.

You may suggest to me that for instance loss and death are more powerful on a human mind. I don’t disagree with you, but isn’t those linked directly with love. For me, loosing someone that I deeply love, makes me do everything to be my best self, so that I can make him/her proud.

Love is and will always be complicated, because it is not concrete, because it is not a formular that you can resolve after hours of reflection. Love is wisdom beyond all wisdoms. Love is madness beyond all psychic cases. Accept that you can’t explain it even if you are the best writer ever, accept that it is what it is in all its form!


Via Daily Prompts: Complication


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