Am I normal?

I have always considered myself as a misfit. I have always known that I will experience things differently from others. Until now, my predictions are right. However, from now on I would like that my life experiences would be more positive, so, I will summurize the most abnormal moments of my awkward life so that I can improve it.


I don’t know if I may call it a genetic bless or a genetic curse, but I have a huge HUGE difference between the upper part and the lower parts of my body. I explain; I will be thirty two years old in July, and during my whole life with its ups and downs, if I gained weight, I gained it in my legs, ass, knees…well eveything under my belly button. And if I loose weight I loose it all in my face, shoulders, breast and waist. The result today, especially in my tired days, I look like a corpse or a zambie from up (you choose) and like big mama from down. It made me feel unconfortable especially in my teenage years, I couldn’t live like others (seriously!), but today, I have adapted my self to “my body function. Now, I try to work out and put everything that makes me feel good about myself. That’s it 😉

2. Studies

Everybody here in Algeria went to college when they were between eighteen and twenty years old. I went to college when I was twenty four years old. Most of students finished their studies to the Master 2, but I decided that I’m fed up and I dropped out in my last year. I decided that a Licence and Master 1 is more than enough. And, I don’t regret anything.


I have always dreamed of love, as simple as it could be. However, I had rather experienced a lot of heart breaking moments than love. I have never ever experienced love until the last year. Now I am happy with him, but I don’t want to make any plans right now, as awkward as this may seem, I am satisfied where I am now and I am not planning anything…Yet! 🙂


So among my childhood group and friends of my age (we are about thirty people), we are five who did not mary yet. I do not worry about that, however, my mother and my family do. I did not meet nice guys who are “compatible” with me yet, I did not fall madly in love before, so that’s why I did not mary! As simple as that! Fair enough for me, not for my family. However, since there have been that royal wedding you know, of Harry and Meghan you know, people around me relaxed, and gave me some peace of mind 😉

5.Work and Carreer

My first job was when I was twenty nine years old, almost thirty actually. It is the same job I have now, I don’t really like it, but it keeps me safe until I find something better.

To conclude, I am not normal, but it is OKAY! Especially now that I am more concerned and determined to achieve my dreams and goals. In addition, I am braver to be who I am and try my best be the best version of myself. You have to know dear reader if you are from the other side of the world, that in Algeria (and in the East/Orient in genereal), for a woman, whatever she could achieved, she could be a doctor, an astronote, or both 😉 It doens’t matter! THE most important here here is that she is MARRIED, and preferably  before her thirties. Otherwise, all the successes of her life does not count. Me and other woman decided to do it in our ways, it is okay to marry ( before of after thirties), but the problem is some girls here, marry just to be married, and they are really miserables. So, I want to be married because I am in love and I am loved.

Tell me if you find my life awkward! tell me if yours is so! I will be glad to read your thoughts 🙂



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