Why You’re not successful yet?


During our lives we all wait for that breaking point where we are satisfied enough because only then you can define yourself as a successful person. But what if you are being in the path for too long and did not have that break yet? Here are eight reasons that will help you understand your weaknesses and maybe shift your strategy to get wherever you want to go.

1.You cannot define success

The meaning of success is certainly different from a person to another and from a country to another. However, you have to do it with your own standards and do not let the society tells you how or what it means to be successful. Personally, if I let this happen, I would be married now to whatever man who proposed to me, just because for my society being a successful woman is to get married. Therefore, you have to follow your instincts and let yourself define what success is to you. Express and expose yourself, do not be ashamed of who you are. By doing that you are bringing and attracting the opportunities to your life. Then maybe you will find what fulfills you and therefore success and the strategy to get it will be clearer than ever.

 2.You don’t want to do the work

You have to be honest to yourself, whatever goal you have to get to, there is some and sometimes a lot of work to do. You have to find what stops you from doing things. Maybe your objectives are unrealistic. Maybe they are but you need to go step by step. Whatever it is, you have to find out the obstacles and move them from your way. You MUST do some work every single day, it is the only way to move forward.

3.You play it too safe

I understand that we live in a tough world and you have to get a job, an apartment, have healthy and good meals. However, you can do all of this while working for your goal. The challenge is to not be distracted along the way from the path that you need to walk in so that you can finally succeed. Focus on your time and save money, but be impulsive in your decisions when you know for sure that there’s an opportunity out there. Do not do the work and wait for things to happen, make them happen!

4.You make OR find excuses

When the work is not done well or not done at all because you have been too busy scrolling on social media, you make or find excuses. It is our way as human beings to not be too harsh on ourselves. And the best part of all this, is that you are looking for help, from who? Well, your friend, your parents, your siblings…God! Everyone but yourself. I know people in my country who pray for hours only to get what they want. I do believe in praying, but I also believe that God already put in us everything we need to do the work ourselves. So, if you make time for praying, wishing, or waiting whoever’s help, start by doing the work, then when that help comes, you will be ready!

5.You don’t wake up early

I know, I am not a morning person neither, but we have to try. Seriously, don’t you envy people who have more time in the morning than us night owls. They look fresh and ready and we look like…baaa!(I don’t know how to make zombie noises). Every week, just try to wake up 15 minutes earlier that you usually do and believe me, your life will change.

6.You are trapped

Something is holding you back. It could be people’s opinion or the fear of getting out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are afraid of success and a world bigger than the one you have always known. But all this is called “Fear” and fear is made in us as human beings to make us move and certainly not stay in the same place. If that was the case, all of our ancestors would be killed because they were too afraid to move their ass when a wild animal chased them.

7. You are not planning

I understand that you want to live your life spontaneously and planning frustrates you more than brings you benefits but, it makes your path clear. Every book, every movie and every piece of art was planned. An idea is developed easily with a plan for the next step. So, you should start making schedules, visualization and all that stuff, it works and if it doesn’t it will definitely help you somehow.

8. You don’t have a Back-up Plan

Planning for something which doesn’t work later hurts. You have this frustration and ugly thoughts that makes you realize that you are not good enough. A back-up plan will help you find your way out of failure. Use a lot of “what if” when you’re planning, it will give you everything you need for your back-up plan.

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