A tribute to long distance relationships


     Not having you by my side becomes a pain. But a sweet one, that I have learn with time to cope with it, until you come back to me. I could not find any better positive thoughts than imagining you are here with me. I think, this is the only way that daydreaming is positive.

      If you were here after good but exhausted days you would lay your head on my knees while I’m reading a book and having a cup of whatever drink we would made. I will pass my hand in your hair in a minute and the other you will take it, kiss it, keep it beside your heart.

      If you were here we would wake up earlier than usual in our weekdays, only to take our time and take care of each other. Make breakfast, make love, tease each other…Well, love each other deeply before the toughness of the real world hits us.

      If you were here you would be able to hear my lough while you make jokes unexpectedly and to see me smile when you are being impatient like a kid for me.

     If you were here you won’t be frightened by the words “I miss you” or “I love you”…You will just take and embrace them. I would just lay in your arms, enjoying whatever noise there is outside silenced by the sound of your heart beat.

     If you were here, I will send you my pictures at work, so I can make you get back home as soon as possible.

     I have high hopes that one day you will be here for me, for us and nothing else.



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