The Quality Obsession

This morning I was reading Robin Sharma’s book “The Greatness Guide” and something get my attention when I reading a part about the invisible fences (by the way,it is my second reading, so I did not notice it during my first one). He told that story when he was in a country side and saw a place where there was training dogs. The people there made once invisible fences and the dogs knew they couldn’t cross them. Guess what! Someone told him that those fences does not exist anymore, but the dogs still believe they were there, as a result they never tried to escape.

I’m sure you get the point now. Everyone of us has these invisible fences and they prevent us from being what’s supposed to be the best version of ourselves. Now, here’s why I brought my second reading of the book in the article. As I did not reach my best potencial yet, I was aware there were those fences in my life too, but in my second reading I could indentify some of those fences and I realised the biggest one was what I call the quality obsession.

Dit it happen to you that you procastinate something only because there was not enough time to do it in the best way ever? Or you did not have EVERY SINGLE THING you need to do that thing? That is the quality obsession. You are actually judging the final result of your product before even starting it. Even though you know you can start working on it for five or ten minutes, you don’t because of this obsession! You want that everything should be there. Here’s what I concluded, there will be very few moments in life when you will have everything you need, so you should start with what you have and convince yourself that it is better to do a little bit today and progress than doing nothing at all.

You can tell me that this is perfectionism! Yes it could be, however I know that I am not a perfectionist, though I do have this obsession. Thank God I reread that book and thanks to Robin Sharma for writing such inspiring thoughts. I know while I’ll continue reading I will discover more about life and myself. Finally, I absolutely agree with Nike’s slogan “Just Do It!” and I instead say: DO IT ANYWAY!

Have a great life.


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