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Getting Progress in 2019

So here we go, it is a new year. Actually, I was preparing for it in the last 3 months of 2018. I set a lot of goals and each of them complets an area in my life. However, the moste important parts that I will work on this year are: Spirituality, Heatlth and Family.

If there is something that I learned in 2018 is that if you do the necessary effort to reach your goal and you don’t det result, it will come anyway and you will be thankful for what you accomplished. You have to stay positive and focused. For me, for some goals I didn’t even now where and how to start and then there was somedays where the oppotunities just showed up in front of me.

For the hard work you have to do everyday, you have to keep going with the routine that you chose to follow. whether you missed a day, two days, a week or a month, you have to restart and keep going. Or, maybe you have been too motivated that you set up irrealist goal. Try to put some of them aside, restart and see how it will be going from then.

The moste important thing is to be disciplined enough to have a healthy and happy life. I am personally optimist for this year. When you know what you want (even if what you want is one thing like getting fit) you know you are going to accomplish one thing at least and THAT will inspire you to keep going on the other things too. Just set you priorities, work on them everyday and your life will change.

On the next article I will share with you some of my goals for this year and even set a schedual to keep progressing.

Have an infinit positive life.


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