When you really mean to do something…IT HAPPENS

As my first article of 2019 was about getting progress in my life, well it did not take long before I really saw this progress. I actually was let go from my day job on January 31 (Something I knew about since the company had no projects to work on) and I was so excited to start my new life at home and write more. But guess what, only a week at home, I spent it fully in homechores and I was exhausted. By the end of the week, I got a call for another job. I went for the interview Saturday and started Sunday. The only issue, is that I work 6 days a week there. But, it’s okay, let’s hustle.

Now, for my side hustle for writing and other personal projects, I just need a new routine, so that I can get used to it. Since, this job is not exshausting like the previous one, I can even work a little bit at the office as soon as I finish my tasks.

To conclude, if you stay positive and be optimistic no matter what happens, things will get to you, you will just attract them. While my ex-colleagues where crying while leaving the company, I was smiling and super happy and knew I would find something better for me sooner or later. And here, I am, in an other job while others are worrying and still jobless. So, whatever happens, be sure that you will be okay and you will be.

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