Why You’re not successful yet?

During our lives we all wait for that breaking point where we are satisfied enough because only then you can define yourself as a successful person. But what if you are being in the path for too long and did not have that break yet? Here are eight reasons that will help you understand your … Continue reading Why You’re not successful yet?

Am I normal?

I have always considered myself as a misfit. I have always known that I will experience things differently from others. Until now, my predictions are right. However, from now on I would like that my life experiences would be more positive, so, I will summurize the most abnormal moments of my awkward life so that … Continue reading Am I normal?

Le foulard

Ce poem est tout simplement magnifique

Pauline Mary Licoph Écrits

Il s’imaginait toute une forêt de baisers,
Sous le foulard coloré qu’elle arborait
Pour se protéger des caresses étrangères
À la soie légère qui réchauffait sa peau.

Il songeait à dénouer le tissu trop serré
Pour que chante à nouveau le rossignol libre,
Tandis que l’oiseau, plutôt louve, envisageait
D’emprisonner l’amant de ses douces fibres.

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Love gives you courage that makes you dicover, A part of your deep self that you'll be glad to uncover.   It gives you happiness for free and light for your soul, A joy of a flying bee and makes you feel whole.   Let me be his lover and enhance my soul in his, … Continue reading Love