The Quality Obsession

This morning I was reading Robin Sharma's book "The Greatness Guide" and something get my attention when I reading a part about the invisible fences (by the way,it is my second reading, so I did not notice it during my first one). He told that story when he was in a country side and saw … Continue reading The Quality Obsession

When you really mean to do something…IT HAPPENS

As my first article of 2019 was about getting progress in my life, well it did not take long before I really saw this progress. I actually was let go from my day job on January 31 (Something I knew about since the company had no projects to work on) and I was so excited … Continue reading When you really mean to do something…IT HAPPENS

A tribute to long distance relationships

          Not having you by my side becomes a pain. But a sweet one, that I have learn with time to cope with it, until you come back to me. I could not find any better positive thoughts than imagining you are here with me. I think, this is the only way that daydreaming … Continue reading A tribute to long distance relationships

Why You’re not successful yet?

During our lives we all wait for that breaking point where we are satisfied enough because only then you can define yourself as a successful person. But what if you are being in the path for too long and did not have that break yet? Here are eight reasons that will help you understand your … Continue reading Why You’re not successful yet?

You will be fine — Success Inspirers’ World

The weather is dull; But soon it will be bright; There is darkness; But soon there will be light; We are on rough road; But soon it will be smooth; Life is hard, But soon it will be good. The present conditionIs not permanent; No condition, we all know, Is permanent. And so if you … Continue reading You will be fine — Success Inspirers’ World

Am I normal?

I have always considered myself as a misfit. I have always known that I will experience things differently from others. Until now, my predictions are right. However, from now on I would like that my life experiences would be more positive, so, I will summurize the most abnormal moments of my awkward life so that … Continue reading Am I normal?

When you are in love

Do you think that there is a bigger complication in life than the human mind and spirit when the person is in love? I dont't think so. We all heard about how we can loose our power while being in love. We cannot speak correctly, we don't have appetite, we don't sleep, bla bla bla. … Continue reading When you are in love

I write to be my true self

Do you know persons who spend most of their time daydreaming than living, I am one of them. This addiction (If I may call it like that) made me loose a lot of my time, I couldn't help it. Especially in my teenage years, for me if I couldn't live my dreams I would dream … Continue reading I write to be my true self