A tribute to long distance relationships

          Not having you by my side becomes a pain. But a sweet one, that I have learn with time to cope with it, until you come back to me. I could not find any better positive thoughts than imagining you are here with me. I think, this is the only way that daydreaming … Continue reading A tribute to long distance relationships

Am I normal?

I have always considered myself as a misfit. I have always known that I will experience things differently from others. Until now, my predictions are right. However, from now on I would like that my life experiences would be more positive, so, I will summurize the most abnormal moments of my awkward life so that … Continue reading Am I normal?


Love gives you courage that makes you dicover, A part of your deep self that you'll be glad to uncover.   It gives you happiness for free and light for your soul, A joy of a flying bee and makes you feel whole.   Let me be his lover and enhance my soul in his, … Continue reading Love